About Us

Our story

Black Creek Conservation Club is a club with a great history and a beautiful story! Our Club was founded by local families many years ago and we are proud to say that many of the original members are still with us today!
The Club was incorporated in 1970 when several families got together to start their own outdoor recreational facility on 60 acres of woods at 2643 S. Chippewa Road, seven miles east of Mt. Pleasant.
Over the years, club membership has grown, recreational needs have evolved and a number of improvements have been made, and in the past 10 years, the gun range has been expanded and improved, making it a popular destination for major shooting competitions.
It now boasts 10 shooting bays including one with a “shoot house,” a 100-yard rifle range, with a 200-yard range in the works, several covered shelters with benches for shooters and their gear, a clubhouse for dining, weddings and reunions, and a second building, which serves as a education facility. 
In 2008, Black Creek won the bid to host the International Defensive Pistol Association Michigan State Match, an honor usually bestowed only on the large metro-Detroit area clubs, and in the past years, it has hosted the largest sub gun match in Michigan. Videos of past shoots can be seen on YouTube.The Michigan Sub Gun Match has been held in August for over 5 years. The match draws shooters from all over the country who have federal licenses that allow them to possess fully automatic weapons.
The Club has been involved with many charity’s such as the Wounded Warrior Project, 4-H, Women’s Aid service, Woodland Hospice, and New Hope Youth and Family Services and many more.